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Armine Arakelyan

Telephone: (+374 10) 544367 E-mail: biochem_genetics@mail.ru Current position: Head of Laboratory of Biochemistry and Immunopathology (full time) Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care.

Employment: 2011 – Active Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratci. Department of Medical Genetics, Research Assistant 2002 - Active Head of Laboratory of Biochemistry and Immunopathology, Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care. 1986 - 2002 Scientific-Research Center of Maternal and Child Health Protection, Ministry of Health, Yerevan, Armenia Clinical Biochemist-geneticist (full time) 1982 - 1986 Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Sciences, Research Assistant (full time)

Education: 1976 - 1981 Biological Faculty, student Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia.MS, Certification in Biochemistry

Trainings: 1986 Central Institute of Physician's Improvement “Laboratory diagnostics of inborn diseases”, Moscow, Russia. 1990 National Institute of Health. “Laboratory diagnostics of emergency”, Yerevan, Armenia. 2005 2nd International Scientific Seminar “Modern Diagnostic of Sarcoma”, Moscow, Russia. 2006 FEBS advanced course: From functional genomics to molecular proteomics. Basic Techniques of gene analysis. Practical and lecture course, Yerevan, Armenia. 2008 Russian Research Center for Radiology and Surgical Technologies, Federal Agency of High Medical Care Technology “Basic course of Immunohisto-chemistry”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 2010 Training course “FISH/CICH Training”, DAKO-Denmark A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark 2010 Training course “FLEX and PT Link”, DAKO-Denmark A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2012 Training course “Clinical Diagnostics of Hereditary Diseases”, Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratci, Yerevan, Armenia

Professional Skills: Immunofluorimetric method (for diagnostics of Phenylketonuria), Clinical laboratory diagnostics (smear’s analysis, urine analysis, complete blood count with WBC Formula, ets.), biochemistry of blood, urine, blood proteins, glucose and other substances, electrolytes, enzymes, lipids, metabolic products, etc. Immunohystochemistry staining of tumor receptors: estrogen, progesterone, epidermal growth factor receptors, oncoprotein Bcl2, Hercep-test, Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH) and Chromogenic in situ Hybridization (CISH).