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Laboratory Services / Biochemical Laboratory
Nelli Karapetyan

Telephone: (+374 10) 544367

(beginning with IHE) 
1981 - Graduated from Biophysics Department, of Biological Faculty, Yerevan State University 

Academic degree: 
PhD (Biochemistry) - “Physico-chemical, catalytic and immunological properties of the brain enolase isoenzymes.”, 1989, Yerevan State  University .   

Professional experience: 
2014-Biochemist, Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care 1997 - Docent of Molecular Physics Department, Faculty of Physics, YSU1993 - Senior Scientific Researcher of Department of Molecular Physics,  Faculty of Physics, YSU.1991-1993 Scientific  Researcher ,YSU.1990-1991 Scientific  Researcher, Institute of Molecular Biology1987-1988 Invited Investigator in Budapest Institute of Enzymology, Hungary 1984-1990 Junior Scientific Researcher, Institute of Molecular Biology1981-1984 Senior Laborant,  Institute of Molecular Biology.  

Academic courses: 
"Methods of the Biopolymers Investigations" for 1-st year master students, YSU.Scale of professional interestsIsolation and purification of DNA and proteins. Research on physical and chemical properties of proteins, enzymes and DNA. Investigation of complexes formation between some potential drugs (Pt-compounds, porphyrins, etc.) with DNA and proteins. Investigation of the antitumor and radioprotective properties of the new  synthesized  compounds  in vitro and in vivo experimental conditions. Using methods: chromatography, gelfiltration, electrophoresis, spectroscopy, calo-rimetry, fluorescence-labeling technique, sedimentation, kinetic analysis of enzymes, etc.

Participation in grant projects (present and past): 
2002- 2006 -  ISTC A-773
2002- 2007 -  ISTC #A-301.2
2007- 2009 - ISTC A-1321
2010-2013-  ISTC A-1764

Professional membership: (NGO, professional council, editorial staff of scientific journal, funds etc.)
Armenian Biophysicists Association 

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