Down, Edwards and Patau Syndromes Trisomy screen (FISH Test)

FISH trisomy screen for 13, 18, and 21 are available for prenatal samples (amniotic fluid). Amniocentesis is performed between the 15th-20th weeks of pregnancy. By karyotyping we analyze chromosomal abnormalities. 

- Couples at increased risk of having infants with abnormal chromosomes
- advanced maternal age
- 35 years or older
- previous child with a chromosome disorder such as Down syndrome 
- pregnancies at increased risk of chromosome defects due to finding of fetal defects on ultrasound.
- pregnancies identified by prenatal serum screening to be at increased risk for chromosome defects

Specimen  requirement - 20 to 30 ml amniotic fluid collected in 2 to 3 sterile tubes. The first few mls of fluid should be discarded as they increase the likelihood of maternal cell contamination. Specimen should be kept at room temperature; do not freeze or refrigerate. Specimen should be sent at the laboratory immediately. The following information should accompany the specimen: patient's name, physician's name, date collected, EGA by ultrasound, LMP (if available), maternal age, and indication for study. 

Reporting time - FISH results are usually available within 2-3 days.

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