Prenatal Amniotic Chromosome Analysis (Karyotype Test, FISH)

Routine chromosomes and FISH trisomy screen for 13, 18, and 21 are available for prenatal samples (amniotic fluid). Amniocentesis is performed between the 15th-20th weeks of pregnancy. By karyotyping we analyze chromosomal abnormalities. 

- Couples at increased risk of having infants with abnormal chromosomes 
- advanced maternal age- 35 years or older
- previous child with a chromosome disorder such as Down syndrome 
- one member of the couple is known to carry a chromosome rearrangement
- in certain cases, relatives of a child with a chromosome disorder 
- pregnancies at increased risk of chromosome defects due to finding of fetal defects on ultrasound.
- pregnancies identified by prenatal serum screening to be at increased risk for neural tube defects or chromosome defects.

Specimen  requirement - 20 to 30 ml amniotic fluid collected in 2 to 3 sterile tubes. The first few mls of fluid should be discarded as they increase the likelihood of maternal cell contamination. Specimen should be kept at room temperature; do not freeze or refrigerate. Specimen should be sent at the laboratory immediately. The following information should accompany the specimen: patient's name, physician's name, date collected, EGA by ultrasound, LMP (if available), maternal age, and indication for study. 

Reporting time - Cell culture can take 1-4 weeks and may lengthen turnaround time. FISH results are usually available within 2-3 days.

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