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On May 9-12, 2015 the "Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care" organizing Scientific Workshop “Prospective in Autoinflammation: genetic and clinical aspects of hereditary periodic fever syndromes”

Definition of  autoinflammatory diseasesFMF in the world- hypothesis on MEFV mutations spread.Controversies on cardiac involvement in FMF: a review and self experience.FMF in heterozygotes: are we able to accurately diagnose the disease in children?Autoinflammation and systemic Juvenile Idiopathic ArthritisPhenotype and genotype characteristics od cryopyrin-associated periodic fevers.Chronic inflammation in FMF markers, risk factors, outcomes and therapy.Autoinflammatory disorders in childrenClinical and genetic aspects of  Behcet’s diseasePregnancy outcomes in women with FMF. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Familial Mediterranean FeverMetastasis-inducing S100A4 is an essential mediator  of chronic inflammation.

Genetic testing for FMF and other autoinflammatory disorders using reverse-hybridization StripAssays.Practical problems in genetic counselling and testing in FMF.Treatment of hereditary periodic fevers: New approaches.Workshops with case presentations.

Prof. S.Amselem, France  
Prof. E. Ben-Chetrit, Israel 
Prof. Y. Berkun, Israel 
Prof. M. Gattorno, Italy 
Dr.M.Grigorian, Denmark 
Prof. A.Livneh, Israel 
Prof. A Martini, Italy 
Dr.C. Oberkanins, Austria

More information please find on workshops official website:

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