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Genetic counselling

Division of genetic counselling services provides information, counselling and support for families with, or at risk of, genetic conditions caused by changes in certain genes. CMG provides counselling for prenatal, neonatal, paediatric and adult onset disorders.
Our clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors are trained in medical genetics and specialize in the diagnosis of genetic disorders. These specialists work as members of a healthcare team with specialists or primary physicians, providing up-to-date clinical information, counselling, including interpretation of tests, andsupport to families who:

- have members with birth defects or genetic disorders, 
- may be at risk of a variety of inherited conditions.

Patients or families are usually referred to the genetics clinic when:

- a child is born with multiple abnormalities, isolated birth defect, or positive newborn genetic test 
- a patient have intellectual disability and/or developmental delay
- there is a personal or family history of a genetic condition
- couples have a history of recurrent miscarriages
- a person is at risk for a genetic condition, including late-onset disorders (cancer)
- a person or family have questions about the genetic aspects of any medical condition

During genetic counselling, the clinical geneticist/counsellor  

- asks about medical history and family history of genetic conditions
- addresses questions and concerns about risk and the possible risk to children or family members of the genetic condition
- discusses important medical information in terms patients can understand
- works with primary physicians or specialists and provide management or rehabilitation recommendations
- provides information about reproductive technology or prenatal screening when necessary


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