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Training on Genetic Counseling, Yerevan, Armenia

During 25-28 April, 2016, in the frame of Tempus MEDGEN project the training program was organized and held at the Center of Medical Genetics, Yerevan, Armenia for the specialists of Yerevan State Medical University. The specialists and residents form other medical centers and institutions were also participated. The training was conducted by Professor Heather Skirton and Specialists in Genetic Counseling Selina Goodman and Peter Lunt from Plymouth University, UK. The training program was mainly on how to learn and practice genetic counseling skills.

The training consisted form the several parts, including: theoretical and practical parts, as well as real case discussions. The main themes of the training were the following:

- Revision of basic skills of counseling 
- Revision of core conditions for counseling
- Theory for work with clients and families
- Skills practice session 
- Exercises on counseling (role games)
- Real case discussions brought by participants

Every day had an opening and closing sessions, when participants expressed their thoughts and experiences of the days, and what they took from that particular day.

It was a very efficient and useful training. Participants shared their skills in genetic counseling. There were organized role games when participants acted as clients, counselors and also as observers of the course and took notes for giving the feedback on the process. After each practical part each participant received a feedback from the observer and had an opportunity to improve their skills for the next counseling exercise. Difficult counseling cases from own practice were presented and were discussed with the group. 







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