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Genetic health education is one of the corner stones and part of the scope of CMG activities. CMG is the only center of the whole region which provides professional medical genetic education and training. The highly qualified and dedicated members of our center provides genetic educational program to support medical education in clinical genetics, genetic counselling, and modern molecular and personalized medicine. Our specialists have a long history of teaching experience in university education of Armenia, including Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU), Yerevan State University, Russian-Armenian (Slav) University (RAU), National Institute of Health Care of Armenia.

Currently, courses of medical genetics are provided for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students as well as health care professionals at the department of Medical genetics of YSMU and RAU on the basis of the CMG. 

Medical genetics is recognised a medical speciality in Europe, and special recommendations are developed by the European Health Committee (CDSP) and adopted by member states, including Armenia. The CMG as the leader of providing genetic services in the region has taken the responsibility of the provision of postgraduate programs and life-long training programmes of medical genetics. Currently, we are reforming our education programs at the YSMU and RAU and are developing a residency training program of Clinical Genetics in the YSMU and a master program of Genetic Counselling in the RAU. This Tempus MedGen project will allow to harmonize the teaching of Medical Genetics as an obligatory medical discipline for all medical and biomedical students and to establish a hub for international education and research programs and will contribute to the overall quality of healthcare in Armenia. The wider objective of MedGen project is the development and implementation of solid basis with active workforce of medical genetics corresponding to EU educational and professional standards in medical genetics in Armenian and reinforcement of international cooperation capacity.

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