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About us

Prof. Tamara Sarkisian, Dr.Sc.is the director and founder of the Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care (CMG). She is active in numerous professional organizations, being the professor at medical education courses and seminars. She is also the head of the department of medical genetics of Yerevan state medical university after M.Heratci.
Established in 1998 the CMG has become one of the leading multidisciplinary outpatient centers providing most comprehensive services in the diagnosis, prevention and management of genetic disorders and birth defects affecting fetuses, newborns, children, adolescents and adults. The Center’s mission is to bring genetics to the practice of medicine and to provide superior patient care by being a leader in clinical management, research and education.

Our Center has a highly skilled physicians, geneticists and counselors to service the needs of patients and referring physicians. Professional staff of the CMG has many years of experience in medical genetics and clinical practice and fruitful collaboration with different foreign genetic institutions and hospitals.

CMG is applying the achievement in molecular genetics, especially in the research of the genetics of Mendelian and complex traits, to medical practice to prevent or manage genetic conditions and to provide prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders or birth defects. CMG is involved and has played a leading role in a number of high-profile clinical and molecular, biochemical, immunological, cytogenetic, immunohistochemical diagnostic services, as well as genetic counselling. We provide information and offer support to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases with genetic background. Early identification of individuals and families at risk for genetic conditions is important because the effects of many genetic diseases may be prevented or reduced through early diagnosis and management. A genetic counselor can meet with a person or family that may be at risk for an inherited disease or abnormal pregnancy outcome. Our research efforts cover all aspects of patient care from screening, early detection and prevention strategies through new improved treatments for advanced disease. The research and education potential of CMG serves to create bridges between basic research and clinical implementation, supports the creation of innovative projects in the fields of medical genetics, women’s health, cancer genetics, including numerous noncommunicable and infectious diseases.

CMG is a partner of the following international networking services and fpindations, as ORPHANET (Portal for rare diseases), EUROGENTEST (Genetic testing in Europe: a network for test development, harmonization, validation and standardization of services),EMQN (European molecular genetic quality network), EQA (Cytogenetics network). The Ethical Committee of CMG was set up in January 2002. It develops and administers policies for ethical research in CMG.